About Us


 (Latin) True; truthful; genuine; actual; real; just.


Designed and tested by professional craftsmen, musicians and educators. 


Practical, efficient models that are affordable, accessible and in-demand. 

Founded in 2018 by the owners of Houghton Horns, Verus is a company that seeks to advance the accessibility of high-quality brass instruments for professional and student musicians. Verus designs are the result of the combined experience of the Houghton Horns team: brass instrument craftsmen, prominent musicians and seasoned educators. Each of these elements play a role in the design, development and evolution of our products. Verus is uniquely positioned to nimbly adapt to the latest technological developments. We incorporate feedback and input from real-world sources, in a manner not possible for large instrument manufacturing corporations. 

A New Approach

All of our brass instruments are designed by the Houghton Horns team in Texas and assembled in China.

Brand Strategy

Refinement at every level: 

Design. Production. Performance.

Quality Control

All final quality evaluations are  performed on-site at Houghton Horns.

Meet the Owners