The Verus VX
French Horn Mouthpieces

The VX mouthpieces are the very latest in our exciting line of Verus products. The unique VX profile breathes new life into a familiar design: elegant and shapely, yet keenly refined. Gleaming in silver-plated brass, the VX is crafted to be balanced and accessible for all players. The cup shape is a Chicago-style bowl, which results in a sound that is ringing and complex.

One-Piece Models

One-piece models are available in five different inner diameter sizes (17.25mm, 17.5mm, 17.75mm, 18mm and 18.25mm). The VX rim contour is remarkably comfortable, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease in register shifting, without sacrificing clarity of articulation. Standard one-piece bore is #14.

Two-Piece Models

Two-piece models are available in three different bore sizes: #12, #14, and #16. All Verus VX cups are equipped with standard Giardinelli threads and a .660″ junction, making them compatible and completely interchangeable with one another and with the vast majority of rims and cups on the market, including the entire line of standard Houser mouthpieces. This compatibility extends to the Houghton Horns two-piece rims, and nearly any other ‘Giardinelli-threaded’ parts.


Materials: Silver-plated Brass

Cup Shape: Bowl

Cup Depth: Medium

Bore: #14 / 4.62 mm (One-piece)

#12 / 4.80 mm, #14 / 4.62 mm, #16 / 4.50 mm (Two-piece)

Backbore: Medium

Shank Taper: Standard (Morse)

Rim Width (One-piece): Medium

Rim Inner Diameters (One-piece): 17.25, 17.5, 17.75, 18, 18.25 mm

Rim Contour (One-piece): Defined High Point