The Verus Mellophone and Marching French Horn Mouthpieces

The Verus M1T Mellophone Mouthpiece and the M1H Marching French Horn Mouthpiece are designed to produce a classic projecting mid-range brass sound while feeling familiar and comfortable to French horn players. The cup is shallow and acoustically matched to these unique instruments. However, it uses a standard French horn mouthpiece rim, which will feel more familiar to the musicians and allow for better articulation and flexibility.

Verus ‘M1T’ Mellophone Mouthpiece

The Verus M1T Mellophone Mouthpiece is the ultimate tool for your mello line this season. The shank is a standard mellophone/trumpet size (requiring no adapter), but unlike other mellophone mouthpieces, the rim contour and thickness is familiar to horn players. Designed to be comfortable and effective, this highly specialized product will result in immediate results on the field, and an easier transition from marching to concert season. No other mouthpiece has been acoustically optimized for the unique properties of a mellophone.

Verus ‘M1H’ Marching French Horn Mouthpiece

The Verus M1H Marching French Horn Mouthpiece is designed to be comfortable and effective for your horn line all season long. The French horn shank on the M1H fits mellophones that are equipped with French horn receivers, or trumpet receivers (via an adapter). The rim width and contour, cup shape, bore, and back-bore have all been optimized for maximum projection and focus on the marching field.


Materials: Silver-plated Brass

Cup Shape: Bowl

Cup Depth: Shallow

Bore: #20 / 4.09 mm

Backbore: Narrow

Shank Taper: Standard (Morse)

Rim Width: Medium Wide

Rim Inner Diameter: 17.5 mm

Rim Contour: Medium Round