The Verus V & VG French Horns

The Verus Model V & VG are capturing the attention of horn players everywhere. This professional model instrument features a modified Knopf-style wrap (double horn) that is inspired by contemporary German design. This free-flowing layout with centralized main and F tuning slides yields optimal balance, both aesthetically and acoustically. The horn produces a rich, buttery sound with European flair, and it offers incredible value at its current price point.

Verus V

The V is made in yellow brass with a corrosion-resistant nickel silver leadpipe, which gives maximum life and complexity to its sound.

Verus VG

The VG is made in gold brass with a corrosion-resistant gold brass leadpipe, giving it a dark, mellow sound.

Why choose the Verus V or VG for your band program?

There is no better combination of playability, reliability, and value available on the market today. We guarantee our horns with a five-year warranty. We stock all parts so any needed repairs due to accidents can be completed quickly and without hassle.

Acoustical Analysis

Before they leave our shop, all Verus French horns are acoustically tested with the world-famous Brass Instrument Analysis System developed in Vienna.


Type: Double Horn F/Bb

Body: Yellow Brass (V)

Gold Brass (VG)

Bell: Yellow Brass, Spun (V)

Gold Brass, Spun (VG)

Bell Size: Medium Large

Bell Type: Detachable or Fixed

Finish: Lacquered

Lever Action: String

Leadpipe: Nickel Silver (V)

Gold Brass (VG)

Bore Size: 11.9 mm (.468″)

Valve Rotors: Solid Brass

Valve Casing: Nickel Silver

Number of Valves: 4

Finger Hook: Adjustable

Thumb Lever: Adjustable

Hand Rest: None

Water Keys: 1, Amado

Weight: 5.6 lb

Mouthpiece: Your choice of Verus VX one-piece mouthpiece

Case: Verus flight case