The Verus Scholar
3/4 Size Single F French Horn

The Verus Scholar is a 3/4 size single F horn. It’s the ideal instrument for young students who are just beginning their musical journey. The single F horn is wrapped more tightly than full-size instruments, and its bell throat and diameter are similarly scaled down. The compact left-hand grip and adjustable pinky hook provide comfort for smaller hands. Coming in at well under the one-thousand dollar mark, the Verus Scholar is a new instrument option that’s easy on the pocketbook.

Yes, it sounds great!

The Verus Scholar is not just for young beginner students. This compact single F horn is a great practice tool for advanced students and professionals looking to improve their accuracy and hone their F horn skills. The Scholar produces a sound that is light and sweet, but also complex. It is similar in some ways to a Vienna horn.

Acoustical Analysis

Before they leave our shop, all Verus French horns are acoustically tested with the world-famous Brass Instrument Analysis System developed in Vienna.


Type: Single Horn F

Body: Yellow Brass

Bell: Yellow Brass, Spun

Bell Size: Medium Large

Bell Type: Fixed

Finish: Lacquered

Lever Action: Mechanical

Leadpipe: Gold Brass

Bore Size: 11.9 mm (.468″)

Valve Rotors: Solid Brass

Valve Casing: Yellow Brass

Number of Valves: 3

Finger Hook: Adjustable

Thumb Lever: N/A

Hand Rest: None

Water Keys: 1, Amado


Mouthpiece: Faxx MC

Case: Nylon, Fixed Bell